Total Wellness in Practice

How does Total Wellness work in Practice?

Our ‘Total Wellness’ sessions focus on the key obstacles faced by employees in the face of demanding professional lives.  These include:  stress, low motivation, career frustration, problems in professional relationships, fatigue, anger management and work-life balance.

We run group sessions which aim to educate about these issues in ways that help people to notice them in themselves and manage them better.  Discussion of the issues in this environment can itself help build relationships and improve team morale.

We also run individual sessions, which allow for a more personal and private exploration of these issues, and to build more tailor made programmes to help employees overcome their specific and unique challenges. 

Our sessions are run by Elie Jesner, a certified Psychotherapist who brings a rich background to his work including 8 years as a Derivatives Trader, a Cambridge degree in Philosophy and many years of educational experience.

For further information or to discuss how these programmes might work for your company, please contact Elie on or 07967 745091.