Stress Management at Work

A Study: The Importance of Managing Stress

In today's competitive and unforgiving economy the challenges facing companies can be huge.  This often results in massive demands being placed upon employees and it is not always possible to tell in advance how well they will cope with the burden.

People respond differently to environments of heightened stress, and whilst it might be tempting to feel that if people 'can't stand the heat they should get out of the kitchen', there are many reasons to believe that such an approach is neither practical nor optimal in today's world.

It is worth considering that many of the skills required to drive forward one's business - such as creative thinking or relationship building - will generally suffer if a worker is overburdened with stress. 

More than this, a valued member of the team might already be suffering from massive stress in their personal life which they have chosen not to share with anyone in the workplace.  Adding what might seem like a reasonable amount of stress to their workload can push them over the edge and derail them, causing unpredictable and undesirable outcomes.

We don't advocate or prescribe a stress free work environment, we know that such a thing just isn't possible.  But we do firmly believe that thinking constructively about ways to manage stress, both at a group and individual level, can be extremely beneficial and of tremendous financial value to any organisation. 

If you are concerned that individuals in your company might be suffering from excessive and unhelpful stress get in touch to arrange an initial consultation.  We have no doubt that you will find our services to be helpful, robust and extremely cost-effective.