Performance Optimisation

Performance Optimisation Psychology is designed to enable those who are operating in particularly demanding roles to ensure they are consistently attaining peak performance.

Using insights from neuroscience and other fields of psychology, it works with individuals to analyse their performance and to consider some of the factors which may be preventing total optimisation.

In roles such as trading positions, hundreds if not thousands of decisions are made everyday, and part of the challenge is to ensure that they are made with clarity, with the appropriate balance of rationality and emotion, of reflective insight and gut instinct.  Ensuring that the neural networks and chemical balances responsible for this processing power are finely honed and optimally tuned requires a certain level of maintenance. 

Whilst many individuals might feel they are able to self manage at least most of the time, people might sometimes feel that their performance could be enhanced by dedicating some attention not merely to the relevant financial information, but also to the decision making process itself.  Our sessions and consultations operate in this space, ensuring that peak performance and maximal achievement are consistently attained.

Some of the factors which might contribute to sub-optimal decision making include excessive pressure from management, experiences of bad luck which have led to losses, or a sense that an earlier decision didn’t work out as expected.  There can also be contributing factors from outside of work, from family based stresses, lifestyle issues and health concerns.  The challenge is to manage all of these areas such that they are having minimal interference with core and vital decision making processes. 

These sessions are run by Elie Jesner, who brings both extensive trading experience and many years studying logic and psychology to his work.