Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a performance enhancing service suited to individuals in high level and leadership positions.  

It is based on the premise that to succeed means to be challenged, and ideally to be challenged in novel and unexpected ways. 

Such challenges cannot always be tackled using gut feeling and instinct, as valuable as such skill sets are.  They sometimes require more lateral and reflective thinking, and the role of the coach is to assist in this process.  Their role is to catalyse the thinking mechanisms of the brain and to identify and remove potential obstacles.

Coaching also ensures that the strategic aspect of any problem is being considered, that one’s perspective is not becoming too narrow or hurried. 

As well as assisting with specific challenges it is also a valuable part of one’s career development and the optimisation of one’s talents. 

It ensures an individual is clear on their targets and goals, and that they are taking the maximally effective steps to achieve them.  It is also necessary to sometimes reconsider and adjust those goals, and executive coaching is designed to facilitate such clarification and re-visioning.

It is not simply about effecting change, but aims at bringing about deeper transformation, of both one’s understanding and of one’s material situation.  It is about the awakening of a broader sense of possibilities. 

A top tier coach makes use of both management level business experience and psychological training to offer their clients consistently rich and thorough advice.  With considerable experience in both of these fields, our lead Executive Coach Elie Jesner is well placed to assist you in taking your career to the next level.